Intertape is a major integrated provider of both pressure sensitive tape and case taping machinery. We are committed to provide timely system solutions and have a wide variety of standard case sealing machinery for quick delivery.
The modular design of each Interpack case taper combined with superior features and materials will provide flawless performance for many years to come. Standard machines are available in every drive style and can be outfi tted with either 2" or 3" wide HSD 2000-ET II taping heads.
Heavy duty, dual column construction, oversized gearmotors, and low maintenance are the hallmarks of the Interpack machinery line.

  USA Series - Uniform Semi-Automatic | Operator Fed-Fixed Adjustable

USA series case sealers are operator fed  manually adjustable machines that apply tape to the top and or bottom of same sized  RSC style corrugated cases.  Available in bottom belt, side belt or top & bottom belt drives.
  RSA Series - Random Semi-Automatic | Operator Fed - Adjusts Every Case
RSA series case sealers are operator fed machines that automatically adjust for the width andheight of each case processed.  When your production delivers different sized cases to be processed through a single case sealer.
  UA Series - Uniform Automatic | Operator Free-Fixed Adjustable
UA series case sealers are operator free machines that process same sized cases by folding the top four flaps of RSC style cases and taping both the top and bottom of the cases of RSC style cases.  These machines are required when consistent production flow rates exceed manual processing ability or when automatic case packing is utilized.
  RA Series - Random Automatic | Operator Free-Adjusts Every Case
RA series case sealers are operator free machines engineered to process random sized cases. The RA series case sealers will index the flow of cases into the machine, automatically sense the size of the case, fold the top four flaps and seal the case both top & bottom. If your production requirements include combining multiple production lines and processing cases of varying sizes