Bundle Wrap http://intertapepolymer.com/PublishingImages/Bundle-Wrap-3-items.jpg
Available in a variety of widths and gauges to match your needs. Whether you need to wrap some items for moving or bundle a few packages for shipment, Bundle Wrap will handle the job quickly and securely. Bundle Wrap is also a great solution for many applications around the home, office, workshop, yard and school
Spray Adhesive http://intertapepolymer.com/PublishingImages/ConsumerProducts/AC50_Spray_Adhesive.jpg
Designed to assist bonding to several surfaces, which include wood, concrete and sheet metal. Contains no methyl chloride; no CFCs. 41PSI shear strength.
Non-Slip Tape http://intertapepolymer.com/PublishingImages/ConsumerProducts/Non-Slip_Tape_1.jpg
Abrasive surface helps prevent slipping. Strong, durable and easy to install. Moisture and weather resistant. Use on decks, stairs, docks and other areas that may be slippery.
Threadseal Tape http://intertapepolymer.com/PublishingImages/ConsumerProducts/Threadseal_Tape_1.jpg
Made of chemically inert material. Withstands alkalies, acids, oils and solvents. Use on iron, stainless steel, copper, brass, plastic, glass or rubber pipes. Constructed of 100% PTE white film. Has a temperature resistance of -400°F to 700°F.
AG Tape http://intertapepolymer.com/PublishingImages/ConsumerProducts/AG_tape_1.jpg
UV and weather resistant. For splicing or patching polyethylene sheeting or bags.
Barricade Ribbon http://intertapepolymer.com/PublishingImages/ConsumerProducts/Barricade_Ribbon_1.jpg
An all-weather, UV, water and tear resistant barricade tape designed to restrict entry and identify boundaries of hazardous areas. Bright yellow or red background with black lettering for high visibility for directional and/or safety. Contains no lead or toxic chemicals.
Flagging Ribbon http://intertapepolymer.com/PublishingImages/ConsumerProducts/Flagging_Ribbon_1.jpg
Taffeta finish, flexible PVC (vinyl) monomeric film flagging ribbon commonly used for surveying to mark and identify boundaries and property lines. Bright standard and fluorescent “Glo” colors for high visibility for directional and/or safety. All-weather, UV, water and tear resistant. Contains no lead or toxic chemicals. Visibility of 50 yards.
Marking Flags http://intertapepolymer.com/PublishingImages/ConsumerProducts/Marking_Flags_1.jpg
Taffeta finish, flexible PVC (vinyl) monomeric film. ‘All weather’, UV, water and tear resistant. Bright standard colors for high visibility. Contains no lead or toxic chemicals.
Seams Real Easy® Fiberglass Mesh Drywall Joint Tape http://intertapepolymer.com/PublishingImages/ConsumerProducts/SeamsRealEasy_Fiberglass_Mesh_Drywall_Joint_Tape.jpg
Self adhesive fiberglass mesh drywall joint tape eliminates air bubbles and blistering. Quick and easy to use.
Seams Real Easy® PaperDrywall Joint Tape http://intertapepolymer.com/PublishingImages/ConsumerProducts/Seams_Real_Easy_Paper_Drywall_Joint_Tape.jpg
High strength, yet very thin for joining drywall panels. Resists tearing, creasing and stretching.
Clear Poly Repair Tape - Indoor/Outdoor http://intertapepolymer.com/PublishingImages/ConsumerProducts/Clear_Poly_Repair_Tape_1.jpg
Great for the repair of hundreds of items around the home and yard. Clear, for both indoor and outdoor uses.
Double-Sided Mounting Tape http://intertapepolymer.com/PublishingImages/ConsumerProducts/Double-Sided_Mounting_Tape_1.jpg
Can be used in place of nails, screws and tacks for light hanging.
Gravity Peg Hooks http://intertapepolymer.com/PublishingImages/ConsumerProducts/Gravity_Peg_Hooks_1.jpg