Agricultural Products
Directly applied to a product as a wrap, or used as a covering for membrane structures, Novathene® is UV stabilized for year round or repeated seasonal use. Complete systems can be custom made from IPG woven fabrics. Advanced fabrics provide superb color fastness in a variety of colors. Made in North America, Novathene® is designed with the industrial end user in mind.

Applications include:
  • Hay Tarps
  • Poultry Houses
  • Bail Wrap
  • Grain Covers
  • Module Covers

NovaThene Aquamaster™ NovaThene AquaMaster™ offers sound solutions to seepage and water resource management. Designed for easy installation and long life, NovaThene AquaMaster™ solutions offer unique benefits that make them the most effective and economical choice.

NovaThene AquaMaster™ products include a range of solutions for lining and directing flow in retention ponds, catch basins, ditches and other water holding areas.

NOVATHENE HAYMASTER™ A heavy duty material for pit and pond liners, haystack covers, field covers, stock pile covers, etc. The proprietary coating is used to enhance abrasion resistance, flex resistance, seam strength, UV resistance and longevity.

NOVATHENE GOLFMASTER™ A medium-weight fabric woven from highly-stabilized clear HDPE tapes, and coated with a special recipe to withstand the rigors of frequent installation and removal.

AGROENVIRONMENTAL™ Developmental material intended for use in crop covers and other protective applications.