Our unique wrapping machine finally brings the benefits of automation to one of the last processes that remain largely manual in many industries.

The Nova AutoWrapping System™ combines the efficient simplicity of the NovaWrapper™ with the unique strength and toughness of Nova XF Wrap™, to create the first high speed automatic wrapping technology suited for random lengths packages from 4 to 64 feet.

Designed for easy installation and efficient performance, the Nova AutoWrapping System™ features unique benefits which make it the most effective and economical choice:
  • Cycle time of less than 60 seconds
  • Wrapping cost reduction from 5% to 25%
  • Elimination of staples and fasteners, reducing the risk of injuries
  • Improved wrapping consistency and finished bundle appearance
  • Reduced labor

NovaWrapper™ brings automated wrapping to a broad variety of new packaging applications and eliminates the need for staples and other securing devices.

The NovaWrapper™ utilizes its patented QuadGripper to wrap loads up to 24 feet in length in under 60 seconds. The NovaWrapper™ is the only automatic packaging system that elongates the wrap from the outside, thus eliminating the risk of damaged corners present in internal stretching systems.
  • Random wrapping from 4' to 64'

  • Wrap a variety of products

  • Improved safety environment in the wrapping area

  • No staples or fasteners required

  • Easy access and low maintenance costs

  • Reduced manpower

  • Highest wrap elongation on the market for improved yield (+%)

  • Wraps on existing out feed line (transverse or lineal)

  • Off line installation

  • Simple design: mostly pneumatic with only two motors on VFD's and no hydraulics, making it an energy efficient system
Product Applications
A heavy duty material for pit and pond liners, haystack covers, field covers, stock pile covers, etc. The proprietary coating is used to enhance abrasion resistance, flex resistance, seam strength, UV resistance and longevity.

NOVA XF WRAP™ The Nova AutoWrapping System and its partner, the INTEPLAST Group, present Nova XF Wrap™, a cross-laminated film for wrapping a variety of products.

Nova XF Wrap™ not only inherits the strength of the cross-lamination process but also adds unique elastic properties that allow it to be stretched without losing its tensile, tear memory or puncture resistance properties.

The unique characteristics of Nova XF Wrap™ in conjunction with the fully automatic NovaWrapper™ machine allow the film to powerfully hold a bundle without using fasteners or glue, thus allowing the end user customers to easily remove the Nova XF Wrap™ without concern for injury from staples.

  • Available up to 131 inches wide
  • Extremely rugged - maintains its strength at temperatures from - 40¡ to 180¡F
  • Non-slip surface
  • Moisture resistant and retains 100% of its strength when wet
  • 100% recyclable
  • Better yields thru higher stretch ratios
  • Appealing appearance of the finished bundle
  • Uniquely engineered for the Nova Autowrapper
  • UVI protected
  • Opaque inner, cross-laminated layer with black color inside and white outside for a clean printable surface
  • Manufacturer's logo printed on exterior of film