IPG's innovative approach to providing dependable products and reliable service, has made it a leader in the FIBC industry.

IPG has the expertise to manufacture FIBC's that meet the specific requirements of its customers.With stringent quality control and constant attention to detail, IPG instills confidence that the customer is buying from the best.

When choosing IPG, the customer deals with a vertically integrated international company, providing unparalleled service. IPG is wholly responsible for every aspect of its product; from material fabrication, product design, bag construction and quality testing, to shipping and distribution.

The IPG FIBC Has No Equal

Made of polypropylene or polyethylene, the weaving process is controlled throughout manufacturing for performance reliability. Choose from IPG 's uncoated or coated fabrics, all specially UV stabilized to protect against weather conditions.

IPG offers the widest variety of FIBC Bags, such as U-Shaped, Baffle, 4-Sided, Sling, Circular, Static Dissipative, Groundable, Specialty and Customized.

IPG also produces bags with liners glued or tabbed into position. This prevents movement during filling or discharging, assuring even flow-through of the product. Liners are available in Tube-fit and Form-fit designs.

Manufacturing Excellence

IPG has invested time and energy in developing a cost-efficient quality control program, resulting in defect-free products and greater economy for the customer. IPG's Team Manufacturing concept dedicates a manufacturing team to each customer. This Modular Process ensures product consistency and quality, while creating a cost and time effective process.

Sensitive to the the Pharmaceutical and Food Industries, IPG utilizes Metal Detection Units in the Rayne, Louisiana, and Piedras Negras, Mexico, plants to guarantee bags are Certified Metal Free

IPG is constantly examining new ways to make its products better and safer for the customer, while providing customers with new applications. Controlling the entire manufacturing process from start to finish is one way IPG has succeeded in achieving higher quality, earning the Company an ISO 9002 certification.

Pallet-Free™ FIBCs

A superior method of shipping, this Pallet-Free™ FIBC features reusable polymer bottom channels, eliminating the need for a palletÉ and its cost. When filled, it creates a square shape that's easy to maneuver and stack, doubling your product storage capacity

Flexible in its design, the Pallet-Free™ FIBC can be constructed in a variety of sizes and styles. Versatile, it can be lifted from the top loops or the bottom channels. Available in Intertape brand Circular and Baffle FIBCs, with custom configurations that are endless.
  • Compatible with standard fork lifts
  • Stackable, uses less warehouse space
  • Labor saving, no extra steps, pallets to load
  • No pallet necessaryÉ fork-lift channels included