Lumber Wraps
IPG is a major supplier to the North American lumber industry for over 25 years. With our lumber wraps you can be sure that your product will arrive completely protected. Get premium protection with exceptional tear resistance, strength, durability and whiteness.

IPG reinforced papers and coated woven materials are widely used as lumber wraps and metal wraps. We offer superior aesthetics with our durable white wraps. Advertise your corporate logo in up to 4 colors for increased brand awareness throughout the transportation process.

Weather and sunlight resistant, our wraps are ideal for long term storage. Available in various weave strengths, colors, laminations, coatings and with paper backing. Our unique wrapping machine finally brings the benefits of automation to one of the last processes that remain largely manual in many industries.

NOVA PROWRAP SUPREME™ Nova ProWrap™ Supreme is a very strong high grade polypropylene woven fabric that gives flexibility of use on domestic and export shipments.

Nova ProWrap™ products are the latest generation of lumber wraps, providing excellent protection from the elements for all your lumber, plywood, beam, joist, OSB, LVL and MDF products. Available in custom printed widths up to 144 inches.