Steel/Metal Wrap provides rugged dust and dirt protection with the benefits of Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors (VCI), repressing the oxidation process in steel.

IPG supplies transportation wraps to the steel industry across North America. Customers large and small have come to rely on the benefits of IPG Metal Wraps including their exclusive Flex-Gard® multipurpose corrosion inhibitor, ideal for improved protection of semi-finished metal goods.

Steel Wrap Product
  • Flex-Gard® 1A Metal Wrap
  • Flex-Gard® 2K Metal Wrap
  • Flex-Gard® PP Metal Wrap
  • Flex-Gard® PE Metal Wrap
  • Flex-Gard® PP Metal Wrap
  • Novapro PE Metal Wrap
  • Novapro PP Metal Wrap