From foundation to roof, Intertape Polymer Group supplies tapes and films that are critical for building safe and efficient structures. With our expansive tape offering, we are there to help you mask off walls, windows and everything in between. We also offer a variety of safety, electrical and joining tapes to maintain a safe and secure worksite. And having our duct tapes on hand is like carrying an extra set of tools on any job! In addition, Intertape has partnered with our ECP group to offer roofing membranes, under slab vapor barrier film, pond liners, building wrap and house wrap to build in energy savings, reliability and protection for your project. Lastly, we offer polyethylene and sheathing tapes to keep it all together.  Make Intertape a permanent part of all future construction projects. 


This versatile, tan colored flatback matches most corrugated cardboard for a professional, sealed look.
For ease in manual box sealing, packaging and shipping appications when using IPG XTRAtape carton sealing tape.
HAND TAPE DISPENSERS - Exclusive to IPG, XTRAtape™ delivers 200m of quality tape in the same size roll as the traditional 100m product, saving on packaging material, roll changes and warehouse space while reducing shipping costs, maximizing productivity and improving your bottom line.
2" wide hand dispenser with pistol grip and tension brake. For ease in manual box sealing, packaging and shipping applications.
3" wide hand dispenser with pistol grip and tension brake. For ease in manual box sealing, packaging and shipping applications.
534 is the industry leader, perfect for splicing or package sealing and meets U.S. Postal and UPS shipping requirements.
Engineered and designed to meet UL181A-P and UL181B-FX (printed in red for easy identification/inspection). Uses include general purpose seaming, patching and sealing of rigid fiber air duct and connector closure systems to enhance appearance and maintain vapor barrier integrity. Release coated kraft liner.
Features all-temperature rates, flame retardance, high shear and UV resistance. Printed for easy identification/inspection. Resistant to mold growth and high humidity. For use on Class 1 flexible duct for permanent sealing and seaming to enhance appearance and provide barrier protection. Conforms to "UL" specification 181B-FX.


14 mil duct tape designed to perform best when a significant level of tensile and tear strength are required. Excellent moisture barrier. Meets ASTM D5486 Type 1. Available in silver, black, white and olive drab green.


12 mil PE coated cloth film with an aggressive, wide temperature range adhesive system recommended for use where high-adhesion and conformability are required. Meets HUD and BOCA codes. Tested in accordance with UL-723.


The general contractor’s duct tape of choice! An 11 mil polyethylene coated cloth tape with an aggressive natural rubber adhesive system designed to provide exceptional shear strength. For demanding applications such as HVAC, abatement, weather proofing, extermination, flex-duct connections and all general maintenance needs. Available in silver, black and teal.


11 mil metalized polyethylene (PE) film applied to high tensile cloth with an aggressive pressure sensitive natural rubber adhesive. Designed for applications where a high quality grade of cloth tape is required and the appearance of metalized backing is preferred. Meets HUD, BOCA and L.A. County codes. Tested in accordance with UL-723.
10 mil natural rubber adhesive system bonds to almost any surface. Designed to answer the end-use/consumer need for an economical general-purpose duct tape.


9 mil all-purpose duct tape perfect for general maintenance applications such as wrapping & sealing, weather proofing, binding and bundling. Aggressive natural rubber adhesive adheres well to a wide variety of surfaces and offers a broad temperature range. Additional colors and sizes available (8 color options for easy identification).


8 mil Dacron® poly-coated cloth backing with an aggressive rubber adhesive. Good conformability to irregular surfaces. Consistent tensile and even tear in both cross and machine direction.


Woven fiberglass pressure-sensitive tape. The thermosetting properties of the adhesive provide resistance to strong solvents (e.g. xylene, toluene). Ideal for splicing applications where surface materials are rough (roofing materials, textiles, etc.).
175# polyester film backed strapping tape. Medium tensile strength, good adhesion and medium impact. Transparency permits visibility for retail items. Provides excellent adhesion to kraft carton bundling applications.
110# fiberglass reinforced filament BOPP tape designed for packaging, palletizing and unitizing applications. Excellent adhesion to corrugated cartons. Outstanding holding power.

AC50 Spray Adhesive
Designed to assist bonding to several surfaces, which include wood, concrete and sheet metal. Contains no methyl chloride; no CFCs. 41PSI shear strength. Web spray pattern adhesive. Compliant with the National VOC Regulations for consumer products and the current VOC limits for aerosol adhesives in California. Net weight 12 oz.
Poly Masking Tape
Red polyethylene film tape with a rubber-based pressure-sensitive adhesive that bonds well to most surfaces. Excellent adhesion to glass and wood. UV resistance; ideal for use in exterior insulation and finish systems (EIFS) and as masking during stucco installation.
Medium Electrical Tape
Vinyl electrical insulating tape consisting of a soft ‘plasticized’ stabilized PVC film coated with a non-corrosive rubber based adhesive. This tape is resistant to water, oils, acids, alkalis, and other corrosive chemicals. Lead free, UL and CSA listed.
Economy Electrical Tape
Black vinyl electrical insulating tape consisting of a soft 'plasticized' stabilized PVC film coated with a non-corrosive rubber based adhesive. General purpose maintenance and repair. UL listed. Good dielectric strength.
Thread Seal Tape
Made of chemically inert material. Withstands alkalies, acids, oils and solvents. Use on iron, stainless steel, copper, brass, plastic, glass or rubber pipes. Constructed of 100% virgin PTFE white film. Has a temperature resistance of -400°F to 700°F.
Seams Real Easy® (fiberglass)
Fiberglass Mesh Drywall Joint Tape - Self adhesive fiberglass mesh drywall joint tape eliminates air bubbles and blistering. Quick and easy to use.
Seams Real Easy® (paper)
Paper Drywall Joint Tape - Quick and easy to apply. Designed for use with joint compound for reinforcing joints and corners in gypsum drywall interiors. Special cross-fiber papers offers tensile strength both with and across the paper grain. Exceptional wet strength. Resists stretching, wrinkling and other distortions. Roughened surface provides superior bond to joint compound.
Sheathing Tape
BOPP film tape with aggressive acrylic adhesive. Designed and engineered primarily for permanent seaming and sealing of joints in foam insulation and other sheathing materials, to secure lap edges in house wraps and other vapor barriers, repair rips and tears in roll and batt insulation, construction films and membranes. Eliminates drafts around window and door openings.
Reinforced Construction Paper
3-way fiberglass reinforced natural kraft paper. Used as a protection for finished floors/surfaces during construction or remodeling/repair. Non-bleeding, non-staining. Skid and slip resistant. Water and oil resistant. Withstands medium to heavy foot traffic.
Barricade Ribbon
An all-weather, UV, water and tear resistant barricade tape designed to restrict entry and identify boundaries of hazardous areas. Bright yellow or red background with black lettering for high visibility for directional and/or safety. Contains no lead or toxic chemicals.
Flagging Ribbon
Taffeta finish, flexible PVC (vinyl) monomeric film flagging ribbon commonly used for surveying to mark and identify boundaries and property lines. Bright standard and fluorescent “Glo” colors for high visibility for directional and/or safety. All-weather, UV, water and tear resistant. Contains no lead or toxic chemicals. Visibility of 50 yards.
Marking Flags
Taffeta finish, flexible PVC (vinyl) monomeric film. ‘All weather’, UV, water and tear resistant. Bright standard colors for high visibility. Contains no lead or toxic chemicals.
Non-Slip Tape
Abrasive surface helps prevent slipping. Strong, durable and easy to install. Moisture and weather resistant. Use on decks, stairs, docks and other areas that may be slippery.
PT14 is a blue, pressure-sensitive masking tape designed for the most demanding professional painters. With its fine crepe paper backing, it provides excellent paint lines, cornering, and unsurpassed conformability. This painters’ tape will remove cleanly for up to 14 days, even with direct exposure to sunlight and high humidity. Typical applications include outdoor masking of woodwork, glass and metal surfaces, and marine painting applications.
This light green crepe paper backed painter's tape removes cleanly up to 8 days after application, even when exposed to direct sunlight. Resistant to humidity and paint bleed through. Secure adhesion with easy, clean removal from most surfaces.
An aluminized silver, crepe backed painter's tape that removes cleanly up to 30 days after application even when exposed to high temperature and UV rays.

A beige, fine crepe paper masking tape that is smooth-to-the-touch and easy to work with. Resists paint flaking upon removal and provides straight, clean paint-break line. This premium grade masking tape has lower adhesion for easy removal without damaging delicate surfaces.

Recognized as the premium painter’s tape. Offers an excellent balance of quick stick, panel adhesion and holding properties. Recommended for most paint masking applications where excellent cornering with clean removal is desired. Will support masking paper aprons at 160°F (70°C) for 30 minutes.

PG501 has a full natural rubber-based platform with moisture resistant adhesive and backing to outperform the competition. Ideal for acoustical coatings.

A beige, coarse crepe paper masking tape coated with a pressure-sensitive natural rubber based adhesive. Designed primarily as an all-purpose product for non-critical applications.

A paint contractor industry staple. Beige, smooth crepe paper masking tape coated with a pressure-sensitive natural rubber adhesive. Offers an excellent balance of quick stick, panel adhesion and holding properties. Not recommended for outdoor exposure.

Non-critical room temperature applications such as hanging paper, poly and poster board.

Beige crepe paper masking tape coated with an aggressive pressure-sensitive natural rubber adhesive. Designed primarily as an all-purpose product for non-critical applications. Designed for applications such as textile, carpet seaming, light industrial, manufacturing, bundling and tabbing.

A tried and proven industry leader. The high adhesion value of this natural/synthetic rubber blend combined with the conformability gives 515 a high degree of versatility. This general purpose masking tape is extremely versatile and may be used for interior masking, light bundling, holding and other various industrial applications.