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IPG®’s new line of Decorative Concrete Tapes are specially formulated to meet all of your ‘on-the-job’ needs. Each of our DC Tapes is of the highest grade and features strength, durability, and clean removal from nearly every surface. Whether you’re working with stains and dyes, microtoppings and overlays, or exterior stucco and plaster, IPG® has the solution for you!
DC Ultra2in1
Fine crepe paper, blue, coated both sides with a pressure-sensitive synthetic rubber adhesive that is engineered for clean, stain-free removal from almost any surface. Perfect for holding drapes and props.
DC Blue
Specially formulated with a synthetic rubber blend adhesive designed in a way that it will not create a chemical weld by bonding with sealed surfaces. Features a durable crepe paper backing - more durable than most other blue tape on the market. 14-day UV stabilization package built in for exterior jobs. Excellent adhesion properties with clean removal from all surfaces.
DC Orange
Features a natural rubber adhesive designed for clean removal from most surfaces. 7-day UV resistance. Great for outdoor uses with stucco, plaster, and overlay masking.
DC Grout
Fiberglass reinforced crepe with a natural rubber adhesive ensuring clean removal from all surfaces. Great for all of your grout line designs. Will not split or tear upon removal. Leaves crisp lines with no bleed through.
DC Drape
Durable film resists tearing. Solvent resistant. Clings to surface, preventing overspray. Compact size.