IPG® Electrical and Electronic Tapes are available with a wide range of backings and adhesive systems to meet the demanding application requirements of industry today. These specialty products are manufactured un the strictest standards to deliver the highest level of performance reliability. Many IPG® Electrical Insulation Tapes are UL listed (File #E20780) and CSA Certified (File #LR94980). With the most comprehensive product line in the industry, IPG® has the ideal solution to your most demanding solutions.
54108 http://intertapepolymer.com/PublishingImages/ELE_POLYFILM_54108_IMG.jpg
54108 is ideal for high shear resistance at elevated temperatures. It is tough and conformable, has excellent electrical insulating properties, high initial cure and is abrasion and moisture resistant. Available in off-white.
51595 http://intertapepolymer.com/PublishingImages/ELE_POLYLAM_51595_IMG.jpg
This multi-purpose tape is ideal for applications which require a combination of tear and puncture resistance, high tensile strength with elongation and excellent dielectric strength. It is perfect for high volume coil wrapping, ground and barrier insulation, outer protective wrap for bobbin applications, coil end insulation anchoring leads and terminal boards. 155C UL rating. Available in black and natural.


4238 http://intertapepolymer.com/PublishingImages/ELE_GLASSFIL_ACRYLIC_IMG.jpg
4238 is a high tensile strength electrical tape with conformable backing and aggressive adhesive for a variety of heavy duty insulating and holding applications. This tape is very resistant to chemicals, solvents and aging, and offers high dielectric strength and insulation resistance. Perfect for lead and saddle tie down, bundling motor and transformer coils and coil covering applications.


51599 http://intertapepolymer.com/PublishingImages/ELE_GLASSFIL_ACRYLIC_IMG.jpg
This tape has high tensile strength, conformable backing with aggressive adhesive and is resistant to chemicals, solvents and aging. 51599 is ideal for lead holding of heavy gauge wires in transformers, coils and electric motors and bundling armature coils.
4618 http://intertapepolymer.com/PublishingImages/ELE_GLASSCLOTH_4618_IMG.jpg
4618 contains a high strength backing and heat resistant silicone adhesive for high temperature applications. It resists edge fraying and rotting, as well as solvents and abrasions. It is flexible and varnish absorbent making it ideal for applications such as high temperature coil insulation wrap, harness wrapping and splicing.
56228FR http://intertapepolymer.com/PublishingImages/ELE_SPEC_THERMO_IMG.jpg
56228FR is used to hold down layer, barrier and ground insulation. It is also used for tabbing, lead bundling, anchoring leads, outer wrap for coils and repairing Nomex® wrapped conductors. Its thin backing provides minimum insulation build up and the acrylic adhesive offers outstanding thermal resistance and flame retardancy.
4560 http://intertapepolymer.com/PublishingImages/ELE_ACETCLOTH_IMG.jpg
This printable tape, with acetate cloth backing and a thermosetting rubber adhesive system offers high adhesion, conformability, and excellent insulating properties. It is hand tearable and will accept varnish impregnation.
51579 http://intertapepolymer.com/PublishingImages/ELE_POLYIMIDE_51579_IMG.jpg
Kapton® polyimide backing and high tack acrylic adhesive offers excellent chemical and thermal resistance with excellent electrical insulating properties. This product is used where toughness and puncture resistance are required.
6215 http://intertapepolymer.com/PublishingImages/AER_6215_IMG.jpg
6215 has a polyester film backing with a silicone adhesive. It is designed to perform in difficult masking operations such as various phases of printed circuit board production or masking of surfaces during application of durable 'powder coatings'. The PET backing provides flexibility and conformability, solvent resistance and chemical resistance. It is precision cut for tear resistance and clean, crisp paints lines and removes easily without leaving residue on surfaces.
OXO-Biodegradable AP http://intertapepolymer.com/PublishingImages/PRO_BIOICUSH_IMG.jpg
Looking for ways to reduce the environmental impact of your packaging? Intertape’s standard iCushion™ Air Pillows are designed to contribute toward your “green” goals by minimizing the weight of void fill packaging when compared to paper or loose fill by using polyethylene pillows filled with air, which are both recyclable and reusable. But at Intertape™, we wanted to take this one step (or leap) further… we added an oxo-biodegradable polyethylene film option to the current iCushion™ Air Pillow offering. The iCushion™ OXO-Biodegradable Air Pillow film will provide customers with a socially responsible product that will not sacrifice packaging performance. • Oxo-biodegradable polyethylene film contains an additive that initiates chemical breakdown more quickly and completely in the presence of oxygen and heat or UV light • Perfect solution for customers looking for an environmentally preferred solution for void fill and cushioning applications • Recyclable and reduces litter impact • Currently available in two popular sizes: 8" x 8" Resource Number: AP150-BIOD8, 8" x 12" Reference Number: AP150-BIOD12 • 2900' length rolls engineered to save money by minimizing roll changeovers, limiting downtime, increasing productivity, requiring fewer rolls per order saving valuable inventory space • Custom-printed iCushion Biodegradable pillows available for company logo... or communicate your environmental efforts! • Compatible with the AP-8000C Inflatable Air Pillow System
AP-8000C http://intertapepolymer.com/PublishingImages/PRO_AP8000c_IMGc.jpg
• Industry leading speed of 70 ft/min • Reliable and lightweight design, self contained unit with handle for ease of mobility • Ergonomically friendly to load film with ease • Little to no maintenance required • No special electrical hookup or air supply required • Easily adaptable to your packaging station. Standard system includes: Air Pillow machine, cart with mesh storage bin, plastic corrugated transfer bin, transfer stand, on-demand photo eye and foot switch


TWA 1000-E http://intertapepolymer.com/PublishingImages/MAC_TWA1000E_IMGc.jpg
Infinitely Adjustable Tape Length From 4”-42” 3 ½” Tape Width; Will Process IPG “Red Alert” Tamper Evident Tape Extra Large Wetting Brush Eliminates The Need For Heated Water 42" Tape Length From A Single Pull Of The Handle Additional Pulls For Longer Length Standard 1000’ Roll Length Capabilities Self Centering Side Guides In Roll Carriage Large 60 Oz. Water Bottle Helps Assure Maximum Uptime
FM28 http://intertapepolymer.com/PublishingImages/AER_FM28_IMG.jpg
FM28 is a pressure sensitive masking tape designed for use in extreme high temperature conditions. The polyimide backing, combined with thermosetting silicone adhesive, provides superior flame and chemical resistance. It can withstand exposure temperatures up to and in excess of 400°F, making it ideal for masking gold fingers during wave solder operation and 'powder coat' masking.
4427 http://intertapepolymer.com/PublishingImages/ELE_POLYLAM_RUBTHERM_IMG.jpg
Along with being highly aggressive, the rubber thermosetting adhesive system gives 4427 excellent solvent resistance. It provides an economical approach in a variety of uses, including slot edging, lead anchoring, coil wrapping, harnessing, and inter-phase/interlayer insulation.
This tape has a thin flexible polyester film backing combined with rope fiber. The rubber thermosetting adhesive system gives 51578 excellent solvent resistance when cured. It is ideal for slot edging, lead anchoring, coil wrapping, harnessing, and inter-phase/interlayer insulation.
4429 http://intertapepolymer.com/PublishingImages/ELE_POLYIMIDE_SIL_IMG.jpg
4429 is used on gold fingers for protection in wave soldering, ground barrier and phase insulation in high performance torroidal coils, and as an outer wrap on small bobbin wound coils and on form wound coils for traction motors. The extra strength polyimide backing and silicone adhesive offers outstanding thermal resistance and excellent electrical insulating properties. It is especially used where toughness, puncture resistance, extreme resistance to heat, and flame retardance are required.
51580 http://intertapepolymer.com/PublishingImages/ELE_POLYLAM_RUBTHERM_IMG.jpg
51580 can be used for applications that require a combination of flexibility, high puncture resistance, and excellent electrical insulating properties and corrosion resistance. After thermosetting, the tape exhibits tremendous resistance to solvents and chemicals. It is ideal for coil and transformer wrapping, anchoring, harnessing and outer-wrap for coils.
RG46 http://intertapepolymer.com/PublishingImages/industrialnewcore/IND_SPC_RG46_IMG.jpg
Woven fiberglass pressure-sensitive tape. The thermosetting properties of the adhesive provide resistance to strong solvents (e.g. xylene, toluene). Ideal for splicing applications where surface materials are rough (roofing materials, textiles, etc.).
RG47 http://intertapepolymer.com/PublishingImages/industrialnewcore/IND_SPC_RG47_IMG.jpg
Tensile strength, dimensional stability, and consistent thickness, combined with high holding properties makes RG47 an excellent choice for splicing, especially materials having rough surfaces and/or low internal strength (e.g. textiles, roofing materials).
RG48 http://intertapepolymer.com/PublishingImages/industrialnewcore/IND_SPC_RG47_IMG.jpg
Woven fiberglass pressure-sensitive tape designed to be used in strategic masking off areas for thermal spray/plasma spray operations. The high tensile strength and dimensional stability of the glass cloth backing, combined with a thermosetting silicone adhesive makes RG48 an excellent choice.
RG300 http://intertapepolymer.com/PublishingImages/industrialnewcore/IND_FIL_RG300_IMG.jpg
110# fiberglass reinforced filament BOPP tape designed for packaging, palletizing and unitizing applications. Excellent adhesion to corrugated cartons. Outstanding holding power.

Warning Tape http://intertapepolymer.com/PublishingImages/industrialnewcore/TAPE_WAT_WARNING_REINF_300X300-72.jpg
3-way fiberglass reinforced natural kraft carton sealing tape, manufactured with water-activated adhesive.
Fragile Tape http://intertapepolymer.com/PublishingImages/industrialnewcore/TAPE_WAT_FRAGILE_REINF_300X300-72.jpg
3-way fiberglass reinforced natural kraft carton sealing tape, manufactured with water-activated adhesive.
Red Alert MD Tape http://intertapepolymer.com/PublishingImages/CST_WAT_REDALERT_IMG.jpg
Pre-printed, tamper-resistant Red Alert MD is an oversized, reinforced, strippable natural kraft colored carton sealing tape manufactured with water-activated adhesive. It features a red colored bottom sheet that leaves behind a telltale red layer when removal is attempted. The oversized width prevents the residual red fibers from being concealed by re-taping with a single strip of normal 3 inch wide tape.
51587 http://intertapepolymer.com/PublishingImages/ELE_POLYFILM_51587_IMG.jpg
51587 has excellent insulating properties and resists chemicals and solvents when thermoset. Available in yellow and black. MIL-1-15126F MF 2.5. Ideal for coil wrapping, anchoring, harnessing, holding, and insulating tabbing and interlayer insulating.
BD1 http://intertapepolymer.com/PublishingImages/industrialnewcore/IND_SPC_BD1_IMG.jpg
A high strength, rope fiber flatback paper, pressure-sensitive tape featuring high tensile strength with good edge tear resistance. Recommended for sequential taping of electronic components, as well as tape reeling.
Medium Electrical Tape http://intertapepolymer.com/PublishingImages/CON_607-85835_IMG_64x64-72.jpg
Vinyl electrical insulating tape consisting of a soft ‘plasticized’ stabilized PVC film coated with a non-corrosive rubber based adhesive. This tape is resistant to water, oils, acids, alkalis, and other corrosive chemicals. Lead free, UL and CSA listed.
Economy Electrical Tape http://intertapepolymer.com/PublishingImages/ConsumerProducts/TAPE_CONS_602_300X300-72.jpg
Black vinyl electrical insulating tape consisting of a soft 'plasticized' stabilized PVC film coated with a non-corrosive rubber based adhesive. General purpose maintenance and repair. UL listed. Good dielectric strength.
BD24 http://intertapepolymer.com/PublishingImages/ELE_BD24_IMG.jpg
A medium strength, crepe paper, pressure-sensitive tape with excellent mass to mass adhesion. Recommended for bandoliering electronic components, tape reeling and sequencing electronic components.