IPG®'s HVAC offering is of growing importance as customers understand the value of energy efficiency in homes, workplace and office complexes. Our line of UL listed tapes eliminates air leaks which negate the value of today’s high performance heating and cooling systems. We also offer foil tapes, packaging products, electrical tapes, caution tapes and, of course, every worker’s friend-- the highest performing line of duct tape available.
Engineered and designed to meet UL181A-P and UL181B-FX (printed in red for easy identification/inspection). Uses include general purpose seaming, patching and sealing of rigid fiber air duct and connector closure systems to enhance appearance and maintain vapor barrier integrity. Release coated kraft liner.
Cold temperature aluminum foil tape with aggressive, long-lasting acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive. Provides adhesion to clean/dry surfaces; high shear adhesion; flame retardant; UV and mold resistant; excellent reflective properties. Superior bonding when exposed to either sub-zero or elevated temperatures. Release coated kraft liner. ASTME-84 / UL-723.
Aluminum foil tape for seaming and sealing fiberglass duct board and duct wrap to enhance appearance and maintain vapor barrier integrity. For HVAC applications; also for (limited) use in Industrial, Appliance, Marine and Aerospace industries. ASTME-84 / UL-723.
'All Service Jacket' tape with an aggressive, long lasting pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive. All temperature rated , flame retardant, high shear adhesion, UV and mold resistant. Engineered for permanent joining, seaming and sealing of pipe insulation jackets, white FSK laminated blanket, duct board and flexible duct joints and seams to enhance appearance and maintain vapor barrier integrity. ASTM E-84/UL-723.
Foil-Scrim-Kraft tape engineered to seam/seal FSK duct board and insulation to enhance appearance and maintain vapor barrier integrity. Full bond within 24 hours. Remains flexible to resist cracking and lifting. Resistant to mold and mildew. Release coated kraft liner. ASTM E-84/UL-723.
Features all-temperature rates, flame retardance, high shear and UV resistance. Printed for easy identification/inspection. Resistant to mold growth and high humidity. For use on Class 1 flexible duct for permanent sealing and seaming to enhance appearance and provide barrier protection. Conforms to "UL" specification 181B-FX.


14 mil polyethylene coated high strength cloth with a scientifically designed aggressive adhesive to meet the stringent requirements of the HVAC contractor. Listed by Underwriter’s Laboratories (UL) and conforms to all code requirements for UL181B-FX. Available in metallic, silver and black.
14 mil premium grade duct tape designed to perform best when a significant level of tensile and tear strength are required. Excellent moisture barrier. Meets ASTM D5486 Type 1.
12 mil PE coated cloth film with an aggressive, wide temperature range adhesive system recommended for use where high-adhesion and conformability are required. Meets HUD and BOCA codes. Tested in accordance with UL-723.
The general contractor’s duct tape of choice! An 11 mil polyethylene coated cloth tape with an aggressive natural rubber adhesive system designed to provide exceptional shear strength. For demanding applications such as HVAC, abatement, weather proofing, extermination, flex-duct connections and all general maintenance needs.
11 mil metalized polyethylene (PE) film applied to high tensile cloth with an aggressive pressure sensitive natural rubber adhesive. Designed for applications where a high quality grade of cloth tape is required and the appearance of metalized backing is preferred. Meets HUD, BOCA and L.A. County codes. Tested in accordance with UL-723.
AC50 Spray Adhesive
Designed to assist bonding to several surfaces, which include wood, concrete and sheet metal. Contains no methyl chloride; no CFCs. 41PSI shear strength. Web spray pattern adhesive. Compliant with the National VOC Regulations for consumer products and the current VOC limits for aerosol adhesives in California. Net weight 12 oz.
ProMask Blue® Designer
A dark blue, crepe paper masking tape with a specially formulated pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive designed for exposure to sunlight for up to fourteen days.
ProMask GP
General purpose masking tape used for office, school and hobbies. Print-wrapped.
Iron Grip™ Duct Tape
Iron Grip™ 17 mil premium duct tape is a polyethylene (PE) coated cloth tape with an aggressive pressure-sensitive natural rubber adhesive which adheres well to a wide variety of surfaces under a wide range of temperature conditions. Povides easy dispensing from the roll for temporary patching of utility access holes, taping of ductwork, and a variety of heavy-duty demanding applications requiring high strength and adhesion.
Barricade Ribbon
An all-weather, UV, water and tear resistant barricade tape designed to restrict entry and identify boundaries of hazardous areas. Bright yellow or red background with black lettering for high visibility for directional and/or safety. Contains no lead or toxic chemicals.