We understand that your customers rely on the safety and integrity of your products. From the manufacturing floor to the customer door, IPG® is with you to make certain that your medical products are properly protected in a manner which optimizes company image and production efficiencies, lowers overall cost and safeguards products from tampering and damage. From the shrink film and protective packaging that protects your product to the carton sealing tape, equipment and pallet stretch wrap that protects the package, IPG® offers the product solutions to give you peace of mind that comes from knowing your medical supplies arrived safely and securely, maybe even saving a life.
Air Pillow
Securely brace your products during transit and ship clean, professional-looking packages using IPG’s new iCushion™ Protective Packaging Inflatable Air Pillow System! This easy-to-use table top system allows you to quickly produce convenient, cost-effective void fill on-demand. iCushion™ Air Pillows are lightweight, perforated for easy separation and made of non-abrasive poly which will not scratch the surface of your product. They are reusable and recyclable, with disposal requiring a low volume in landfills when deflated. • 2900' length rolls engineered to save you money by minimizing roll changeovers and limiting down time, increasing productivity, and using fewer rolls per order – reducing valuable inventory space! • Five distinct sizes for your packaging needs: 8"x5", 8"x6", 8"x8", 8"x10", 8"x12" • Soft, transparent film allows your product to be seen while secured • No messy loose fill to contend with • Custom printed iCushion pillows available with your corporate logo


OXO-Biodegradable AP
Looking for ways to reduce the environmental impact of your packaging? Intertape’s standard iCushion™ Air Pillows are designed to contribute toward your “green” goals by minimizing the weight of void fill packaging when compared to paper or loose fill by using polyethylene pillows filled with air, which are both recyclable and reusable. But at Intertape™, we wanted to take this one step (or leap) further… we added an oxo-biodegradable polyethylene film option to the current iCushion™ Air Pillow offering. The iCushion™ OXO-Biodegradable Air Pillow film will provide customers with a socially responsible product that will not sacrifice packaging performance. • Oxo-biodegradable polyethylene film contains an additive that initiates chemical breakdown more quickly and completely in the presence of oxygen and heat or UV light • Perfect solution for customers looking for an environmentally preferred solution for void fill and cushioning applications • Recyclable and reduces litter impact • Currently available in two popular sizes: 8" x 8" Resource Number: AP150-BIOD8, 8" x 12" Reference Number: AP150-BIOD12 • 2900' length rolls engineered to save money by minimizing roll changeovers, limiting downtime, increasing productivity, requiring fewer rolls per order saving valuable inventory space • Custom-printed iCushion Biodegradable pillows available for company logo... or communicate your environmental efforts! • Compatible with the AP-8000C Inflatable Air Pillow System
• Industry leading speed of 70 ft/min • Reliable and lightweight design, self contained unit with handle for ease of mobility • Ergonomically friendly to load film with ease • Little to no maintenance required • No special electrical hookup or air supply required • Easily adaptable to your packaging station. Standard system includes: Air Pillow machine, cart with mesh storage bin, plastic corrugated transfer bin, transfer stand, on-demand photo eye and foot switch


TWA 1000-E
Infinitely Adjustable Tape Length From 4”-42” 3 ½” Tape Width; Will Process IPG “Red Alert” Tamper Evident Tape Extra Large Wetting Brush Eliminates The Need For Heated Water 42" Tape Length From A Single Pull Of The Handle Additional Pulls For Longer Length Standard 1000’ Roll Length Capabilities Self Centering Side Guides In Roll Carriage Large 60 Oz. Water Bottle Helps Assure Maximum Uptime
Whisper Smooth® - Tough 2.0 mil biaxially-oriented polypropylene (BOPP) film with unique back sizing coated with high grade pressure-sensitive emulsion acrylic adhesive. Designed for box sealing and packaging applications. Exhibits a smooth, controlled whisper-quiet unwind to replace UPVC and polypropylene box sealing tapes.


RSA 2024-TB
Top & Bottom Belt Is The Premium Drive Preferred For Most Applications •Offset Tape Heads Will Process Cases As Low As 2” Tall •Horizontal Pneumatic Centering Side Guides With Roller To Reduce Operator Fatigue •“Head Up” Switch To Raise And Secure The Upper Head Provides A Safe Condition To: •Clear Jams •Replace Lower Tape Roll •Self Tensioning / Self Tracking Belt Drive


Warning Tape
3-way fiberglass reinforced natural kraft carton sealing tape, manufactured with water-activated adhesive.
Fragile Tape
3-way fiberglass reinforced natural kraft carton sealing tape, manufactured with water-activated adhesive.
Red Alert MD Tape
Pre-printed, tamper-resistant Red Alert MD is an oversized, reinforced, strippable natural kraft colored carton sealing tape manufactured with water-activated adhesive. It features a red colored bottom sheet that leaves behind a telltale red layer when removal is attempted. The oversized width prevents the residual red fibers from being concealed by re-taping with a single strip of normal 3 inch wide tape.
270 Red Alert
Provides protection and security against tampering and/or pilferage of carton’s contents. Pre-printed, ‘tamper-resistant’ Red Alert® is an oversized, reinforced, strippable natural kraft colored carton sealing tape, manufactured with water-activated adhesive. It features a red colored bottom sheet which leaves behind a tell-tale red layer when removal is attempted.
Carton Master
Recommended uses: Two strip carton sealing (top & bottom), overstuffed cartons, recycled cartons, non-unitized loads, average weight cartons up to 45 lbs.