For consumers and professionals alike, IPG® offers a wide range of products providing value and performance. The entire line of IPG® painting tapes are American made and have key performance attributes such as high adhesion force, adhesive transfer resistance, UV stabilization, and excellent paint lines. Make sure IPG® is in the mix for the next painting job.
PG20 is an aluminized silver, crepe backed painter's tape that removes cleanly up to 30 days after application even when exposed to high temperature and UV rays.

PT14 is a blue, pressure-sensitive masking tape designed for the most demanding professional painters. With its fine-structured crepe backing, it provides excellent paint lines, cornering, and unsurpassed conformability. This premium painters’ tape will remove cleanly for up to 14 days, even with direct exposure to sunlight and high humidity. Typical applications include outdoor masking of woodwork, glass and metal surfaces, and marine painting applications.

Non-critical room temperature applications such as hanging paper, poly and poster board.
A paint contractor industry staple! Its high elongation will conform to most painting applications.
This premium grade masking tape has lower adhesion for easy removal without damaging delicate surfaces.
A tried and proven industry leader. The high adhesion value of this natural / synthetic rubber blend combined with the conformability gives 515 a high degree of versatility. This general purpose masking tape is extremely versatile and may be used for interior masking, light bundling, holding and other various industrial applications.
This extremely versatile tape is resistant to strong solvents and paints and is easily removed in warm or cold environments. It is temperature resistant to 325°F/163°C.
Recognized as the premium painter’s tape worldwide; smooth textured backing provides for easy application and clean, crisp paint lines