Sudden property damage from storms, flood, fire and other disasters disrupts people’s lives and businesses causing the loss of individual or business-critical property. Being able to respond to suppliers of much-needed response, recovery and restoration services requires specialized products, distribution and experience.

IPG® offer tapes for the most challenging of jobs and a full range of packaging solutions to facilitate effective distribution of remediation and restoration supplies. We are committed to growing with our partners with a focus on developing innovative products that aid in speeding up our customers jobs more safely and effectively.

12 mil polyethylene (PE) coated cloth tape with an aggressive natural rubber pressure sensitive adhesive for improved adhesion and shear properties. Ideal for asbestos/lead/fiberglass abatement, exterminators, stucco masking, silk screen mask, plastering, temporary water-proofing, wrapping, bundling, sealing splicing and general maintenance. UV resistant for greater than one week.


The general contractor’s duct tape of choice! An 11 mil polyethylene coated cloth tape with an aggressive natural rubber adhesive system designed to provide exceptional shear strength. For demanding applications such as HVAC, abatement, weather proofing, extermination, flex-duct connections and all general maintenance needs. Available in silver, black and teal.


10 mil natural rubber adhesive system bonds to almost any surface. Designed to answer the end-use/consumer need for an economical general-purpose duct tape.


9 mil all-purpose duct tape perfect for general maintenance applications such as wrapping & sealing, weather proofing, binding and bundling. Aggressive natural rubber adhesive adheres well to a wide variety of surfaces and offers a broad temperature range. Additional colors and sizes available (8 color options for easy identification).


8 mil Dacron® poly-coated cloth backing with an aggressive rubber adhesive. Good conformability to irregular surfaces. Consistent tensile and even tear in both cross and machine direction.


6 mil polyester (PET) cloth / polyethylene (PE) film with an aggressive natural rubber pressure sensitive adhesive combine to provide a quality utility product. Conformable to irregular surfaces.


110# fiberglass reinforced filament BOPP tape designed for packaging, palletizing and unitizing applications. Excellent adhesion to corrugated cartons. Outstanding holding power.

AC50 Spray Adhesive
Designed to assist bonding to several surfaces, which include wood, concrete and sheet metal. Contains no methyl chloride; no CFCs. 41PSI shear strength. Web spray pattern adhesive. Compliant with the National VOC Regulations for consumer products and the current VOC limits for aerosol adhesives in California. Net weight 12 oz.
Iron Grip™ Duct Tape
Iron Grip™ 17 mil premium duct tape is a polyethylene (PE) coated cloth tape with an aggressive pressure-sensitive natural rubber adhesive which adheres well to a wide variety of surfaces under a wide range of temperature conditions. Povides easy dispensing from the roll for temporary patching of utility access holes, taping of ductwork, and a variety of heavy-duty demanding applications requiring high strength and adhesion.
Bundle Wrap
Available in a variety of widths and gauges to match your needs. Whether you need to wrap some items for moving or bundle a few packages for shipment, Bundle Wrap will handle the job quickly and securely. Bundle Wrap is also a great solution for many applications around the home, office, workshop, yard and school
Reinforced Construction Paper
3-way fiberglass reinforced natural kraft paper. Used as a protection for finished floors/surfaces during construction or remodeling/repair. Non-bleeding, non-staining. Skid and slip resistant. Water and oil resistant. Withstands medium to heavy foot traffic.
Barricade Ribbon
An all-weather, UV, water and tear resistant barricade tape designed to restrict entry and identify boundaries of hazardous areas. Bright yellow or red background with black lettering for high visibility for directional and/or safety. Contains no lead or toxic chemicals.
Hand Mask Film is a pre-folded high density polyethylene masking film. The thick and durable 12 micron film is treated to resist overspray flaking during paint applications. This special film is designed with a reinforced top edge formulated to prevent the underlying film from sticking.

PT14 is a blue, pressure-sensitive masking tape designed for the most demanding professional painters. With its fine crepe paper backing, it provides excellent paint lines, cornering, and unsurpassed conformability. This painters’ tape will remove cleanly for up to 14 days, even with direct exposure to sunlight and high humidity. Typical applications include outdoor masking of woodwork, glass and metal surfaces, and marine painting applications.
A paint contractor industry staple. Beige, smooth crepe paper masking tape coated with a pressure-sensitive natural rubber adhesive. Offers an excellent balance of quick stick, panel adhesion and holding properties. Not recommended for outdoor exposure.

Durable, moisture resistant PE backing with a rubber-based pressure-sensitive adhesive. Bonds well to a variety of surfaces. High degree of conformability without excessive stretch. UV resistant up to 6 months depending on conditions and surfaces.
Durable, moisture resistant PE (polyethylene) backing with a rubber-based pressure-sensitive adhesive. For patching, sealing, bundling, and wrapping. For splicing and surface protection. Available in red, blue, and white.