IPG® offers a complete line of products specifically engineered to meet the most stringent requirements of the insulation industry.
  • Products engineered for a wide range of applications and environments
  • UL Certified products to meet building and construction codes
  • Products manufactured with specially formulated adhesives to handle harsh weather conditions
  • Water, smoke, and mold-resistant products
IPG® insulation products can help increase efficiency and meet sustainability goals by minimizing air distribution loss. From our mechanical insulation tapes to our extensive industrial tape and films product offering, IPG® has your solution.
PT14 is a blue, pressure-sensitive masking tape designed for the most demanding professional painters. With its fine-structured crepe backing, it provides excellent paint lines, cornering, and unsurpassed conformability. This premium painters’ tape will remove cleanly for up to 14 days, even with direct exposure to sunlight and high humidity. Typical applications include outdoor masking of woodwork, glass and metal surfaces, and marine painting applications.

This green, coarse crepe backed painters' tape removes cleanly up to 8 days after application, even when exposed to direct sunlight.

519 has a solvent cast natural and synthetic rubber blend platform that adheres securely to many surfaces.

PG415 is a General Grade masking tape has a very conformable backing and an aggressive adhesive for non-critical securing and bundling applications.
Recognized as the premium painter’s tape worldwide; smooth textured backing provides for easy application and clean, crisp paint lines
Dead soft aluminum foil tape engineered and designed for seaming, patching and sealing to enhance appearance and maintain vapor barrier integrity. Aggressive, long-lasting pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive provides superior bonding when exposed to either sub-zero or elevated temperatures. Release coated kraft liner. For use in HVAC, Industrial, Appliance, Marine and Aerospace industries. ASTM E-84/UL-723.
Foil-Scrim-Kraft tape engineered to seam/seal FSK duct board and insulation to enhance appearance and maintain vapor barrier integrity. Full bond within 24 hours. Remains flexible to resist cracking and lifting. Resistant to mold and mildew. Release coated kraft liner. ASTM E-84/UL-723.
Features all-temperature rates, flame retardance, high shear and UV resistance. Printed for easy identification/inspection. Resistant to mold growth and high humidity. For use on Class 1 flexible duct for permanent sealing and seaming to enhance appearance and provide barrier protection. Conforms to "UL" specification 181B-FX.


14 mil duct tape designed to perform best when a significant level of tensile and tear strength are required. Excellent moisture barrier. Meets ASTM D5486 Type 1. Available in silver, black, white and olive drab green.


12 mil PE coated cloth film with an aggressive, wide temperature range adhesive system recommended for use where high-adhesion and conformability are required. Meets HUD and BOCA codes. Tested in accordance with UL-723.


The general contractor’s duct tape of choice! An 11 mil polyethylene coated cloth tape with an aggressive natural rubber adhesive system designed to provide exceptional shear strength. For demanding applications such as HVAC, abatement, weather proofing, extermination, flex-duct connections and all general maintenance needs. Available in silver, black and teal.


Designed for applications where a high quality grade of cloth tape is needed and a metalized backing is preferred. Excellent tape for minor repairs of flexible duct and relflective insulations. 11 mil.


9 mil all-purpose duct tape perfect for general maintenance applications such as wrapping & sealing, weather proofing, binding and bundling. Aggressive natural rubber adhesive adheres well to a wide variety of surfaces and offers a broad temperature range. Additional colors and sizes available (8 color options for easy identification).


Sheathing Tape
BOPP film tape; aggressive acrylic adhesive; ideal for construction vapor barrier, seaming and sealing. Available in white and red.
350# premium grade BOPP backed filament tape exhibits high impact strength with excellent adhesion to kraft cartons. For strapping, unitizing, palletizing, bundling and packaging applications.

333# polyester backed pressure-sensitive strapping tape with a natural rubber/resin adhesive. Designed for packaging, reinforcing clips, combining containers and bundling. Transparency permits visibility.

175# polyester film backed strapping tape. Medium tensile strength, good adhesion and medium impact. Transparency permits visibility for retail items. Provides excellent adhesion to kraft carton bundling applications.

165# BOPP (biaxially-oriented polypropylene) film tape with fiberglass reinforcements and an aggressive 'solventless' pressure-sensitive adhesion. Excellent adhesion to kraft carton bundling applications.

110# fiberglass reinforced filament BOPP tape designed for packaging, palletizing and unitizing applications. Excellent adhesion to corrugated cartons. Outstanding holding power.