Shrink Film

ExlfilmPlus® and Exlfilm® brand Shrink Films guarantee your packaging looks its absolute best, while providing unmatched durability, versatility and value. IPG® is the only company offering a complete product line of lighter, 45-gaugefilms that will increase your yield by 25 percent. Our advanced crosslinking technology enables sealing on all types of equipment across a wider range of temperatures, and improves burn-through resistance ensuring the best possible package.

These and other innovations have created a complete product line for any application, and made ExlfilmPlus® and Exlfilm® one of the leading lines of premiumshrink film in the packaging industry. IPG®’s R&D teams continue to bring new and improved products to market, while our experienced team of technical sales professionals can help reduce packaging costs, improve package appearance and increase output.

Crosslinking Technology 
This innovative technique makes ExlfilmPlus® Shrink Films some of the toughest and most versatile on the market. Ourfilms have an inherently greater window of seal andshrink performance at a broader range of temperatures. This is because the polymer chains are permanently bound into a network, significantly increasing their heat stability and strength.

Crosslinking Technology enhances ourfilms through:
    • Prevention of buildup on wires and knives during sealing
    • Prevention of film burn-through in heat tunnels
    • Increased film toughness on the finished package