Premium 7.0 mil bleached flatback paper tape coated on both sides with a high shear resistant natural rubber/resin adhesive on a white easy release crepe paper liner. 591 has become a standard for golf grip repair. It is also ideal for photograph mounting, carpet installation and textile manufacturing.
592 is a 6.0 mil double-coated crepe paper tape with a natural rubber/resin adhesive on an easy release treated white crepe liner. Ideal for the printing and textile industry, and certain splicing applications.
This double-coated PVC film has great initial tack and contains an aggressive adhesive ideal for sign positioning, mirror manufacturing, engravers, insulation holding on metal buildings and carpet mounting.
Fine crepe paper coated on both sides with a pressure-sensitive synthetic rubber adhesive that is engineered for clean, stain-free removal from almost any surface. Features a release treated polycoated kraft paper liner.