Features all-temperature rates, flame retardance, high shear and UV resistance. Printed for easy identification/inspection. Resistant to mold growth and high humidity. For use on Class 1 flexible duct for permanent sealing and seaming to enhance appearance and provide barrier protection. Conforms to "UL" specification 181B-FX.


17 mil premium "bottom board" duct tape designed to meet demanding applications. For temporary patching of utility access holes, taping of ductwork, and a variety of heavy-duty applications requiring high strength and adhesion. Tested in accordance with UL-723.


A 14 mil polyethylene coated high strength cloth with a scientifically designed aggressive adhesive to meet the stringent requirements of the HVAC contractor. Listed by Underwriter’s Laboratories (UL) and conforms to all code requirements for UL181B-FX. Available in metallic, silver and black.


14 mil duct tape designed to perform best when a significant level of tensile and tear strength are required. Excellent moisture barrier. Meets ASTM D5486 Type 1. Available in silver, black, white and olive drab green.


12 mil polyethylene (PE) coated cloth tape with an aggressive natural rubber pressure sensitive adhesive for improved adhesion and shear properties. Ideal for asbestos/lead/fiberglass abatement, exterminators, stucco masking, silk screen mask, plastering, temporary water-proofing, wrapping, bundling, sealing splicing and general maintenance. UV resistant for greater than one week.


12 mil nuclear grade premium duct tape specifically designed for professionals. Provides a wide range of temperature resistance. Conformable. Hangs and tears straight. Multiple uses in power plants and on ships for holding dose meters, securing clothing and gloves, wrapping pip ends, duct and vent sealing.