An aluminized silver, crepe backed painter's tape that removes cleanly up to 30 days after application even when exposed to high temperature and UV rays.

OM (Orange Mask™) is a high performance masking tape developed for transportation related paint applications such as marine, bus, truck, RV, automotive and various other applications where conformability and clean removal is required. Crisp paint lines. UV resistant up to 72 hours. Tear, moisture and solvent resistant.

A beige, fine crepe paper masking tape that is smooth-to-the-touch and easy to work with. Resists paint flaking upon removal and provides straight, clean paint-break line. This premium grade masking tape has lower adhesion for easy removal without damaging delicate surfaces.

A high temperature masking tape designed for clean removal from a variety of surfaces after exposure to oven temperatures up to 325˚F for 30 minutes (times and temperatures are determined by surface). Easy handling, smooth crepe, paper backing with high strength and conformability to irregular surfaces; exceptional cornering. “Solvent Resistant” release coating provides exceptional adhesion to backing at both room temperature and when exposed to elevated temperatures.

Designed primarily for the aircraft industry where resistance to high solvent polyurethane based paints is a necessity. Adhesive is specially formulated to provide excellent adhesion and transfer free removal from a variety of prepared aluminum surfaces. Capable of supporting large kraft aprons. Will perform in aircraft cycle-bake applications of 140°F (60°C) for 4 to 6 hours for up to three cycles. Can be used at temperatures of 300°F (149°C) for 30 minutes in non-aircraft applications (i.e. trucks, buses, etc.). Conformable, smooth crepe backing provides clean paint break lines and strength for pulling long paint lines with clean, tear free removal. Also designed to resist paint flaking upon removal. Not recommended for outdoor use.

This extremely versatile tape is resistant to strong solvents and paints and is easily removed in warm or cold environments. It is temperature resistant to 325°F/163°C. Performs well in wet strip applications. Its easy handling, smooth crepe backing exhibits high strength, excellent conformability to irregular surfaces and exceptional cornering. Provides resistance to paint flaking and a clean, well-defined paint line.

PG21A is temperature resistant to 325°F/163°C and can be SME-AMS-T-21595 certified. It is resistant to strong solvents, paints and tearing and has controlled unwind.

This tape is more aggressive than PG21, it is versatile and resistant to strong solvents and paints. PG24 is temperature resistant to 325°F/163°C for warm removal.

PG48 provides easy unwind for wide width and is resistant to solvents, paints and temperatures up to 325°F/163°C.

Along with good quick stick and holding properties, PG49 is resistant to strong solvents, paints and temperatures to 325°C/163°C.

PG57R supports large kraft aprons and is ideal for aircraft, buses and heavy trucks. It is solvent resistant and can be SME-AMS-T-21595 certified.

PG is tear, moisture & solvent resistant. It is perfect for wet sanding and provides excellent cornering - great for die cutting and custom jobs. This tape provides clean removal for crisp paint lines.