When your production requirements call for automated case forming and bottom sealing, Interpack has two processing styles. 
  • Select a vertical format erector for moderate processing speeds and the widest range of cases. 
  • Select the horizontal format for faster speeds.
Interpack case erectors will form RSC style cases, pneumatically fold the bottom four flaps and seal the bottom center seam with pressure sensitive carton sealing tape.
In today’s production environment, justification for automated case erecting is easier than ever.  Automated case erecting improves productivity, addresses the effects of strain related illness and
its compact size conserves valuable floor space

This affordable solution provides an improved level of productivity.  All Interpack case erectors fold the bottom 4 flaps pneumatically without plowing.  This is a real benefit especially on poorly
scored cases and double wall corrugated.

 Vertical Format    
 Horizontal Format