Auto H2O
Uniform Semi-Automatic WAT Case Sealer

  • Twin 1/3 HP UL approved gear motors process heavy cases for 24/7 operation
  • New patent pending roller-style adhesive activation technology self cleans for less maintenance
  • Easy loading external bottom tape roll
  • Simplicity of the tape head assemblies makes it easy to thread the tape roll
  • Double wipe down of tape legs, triple wipe down of center seam
  • Adjustable tape leg lengths
  • 5000' long roll tape capability
  • Slide & lock case height adjustment for quick case size set up
  • Water heats to 110°F
  • Side belt drive captures the case between two moving belts for processing stability
  • Can process 2" or 3" wide WAT
  • Color coded indicator assures proper spacing between cases
  • Powered tape unwind for high output line speeds
  • Easy tape head access for routine maintenance