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For many years, Intertape Polymer Group® has been a trusted source for the products that secure your packages as a leading supplier of carton sealing tapes and stretch film. It only makes sense that you would also rely on Intertape to protect the contents of your packages.

That is why the iCushion® Protective Packaging line emerged with the fastest Air Pillow System on the market.

The iCushion® Protective Packaging line is designed to offer customers of various volume and productivity needs with efficient and effective products for void fill, cushioning and blocking and bracing applications. By engineering our products to focus on efficiency and performance, customers realize the benefits of increased throughput, reduced damage concerns and the utmost in customer satisfaction.

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Air Pillows

inflatable air pillow system
AP-8000C Inflatable Air Pillow System
Inflatable Air Pillow System
AP-2000 Inflatable Air Pillow System